Film: „Das Buch der hängenden Gärten“

Sensual, raw and intense: Composer Arnold Schönberg and Poet Stefan George, two revolutionaries of their art, met in the song cycle “The Book of the Hanging Gardens” from 1909. This music has now been choreographed and filmed for the first time. A young prince enters a magical garden and falls in love with a mystical queen. Their love blooms and so do the gardens. When their love affair comes to an end, the gardens wither and die with them.

A story of love and decay, a tense encounter between two bodies – captured in atmospherically dense images by Jonas Bomba. A unique blend of music, dance and film.

Arnold Schönberg – Music
Stefan George – Poetry

Marie Seidler – Voice / Production
Toni Ming Geiger – Piano / Production

Amelia Eisen – Choreography & Performance
Mike Planz – Choreography & Performance
Pascal Sangl – Director of Choreography / Costumes

Jonas Bomba – Director of Photography / Editing
Karsten Zimmermann – Recording Engineer / Mastering

Film production supported by: Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft NRW / Deutsche Orchester-Vereinigung
Music production supported by: NEUSTART KULTUR

Produced in Köln/Germany, 2022

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